Recommended Free Software

Resilio Sync: Uses Bit Torrent protocol to sync folders between two or more computers (and mobile devices). GREAT thing to have! I use it to sync my entire Documents and Desktop between office and laptop computers. It also has an archive so can recover deleted files.

Evernote: Note taking, cloud-based storage.

Zotero: If you write research papers with lots of references, this is awesome. It stores all your references, captures references from websites, and organizes bibliographies. Plugs into OpenOffice Writer/Word

LibreOffice: Free office suite replacement for MS Word/PowerPoint/Excel

Gimp: Open source alternative to Photoshop

Inkscape: Open source alternative to Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics)

Python, Jupyter, iPython Python replacement for MatLab.

GitKraken Pro Free for Students

Git, GitHub, and GitKraken are used in ICS 211 (and by many software companies!)