Unix/Linux Job Control Command List

The following table lists the basic Unix/Linux job control commands:

Command Explanation Example
Run the command in the background
% long_cmd &
Ctrl-z Stop the foreground process [Ctrl-z] Stopped
jobs List background processes % jobs [1] - Stopped vi [2] - big_job &
Refers to the background number n
% fg %1
Refers to the background job containing str
% fg %?ls
Restart a stopped background process
% bg [2] big_job &
Bring a background process to the foreground
% fg %1
kill Kill a process % kill %2
~ Ctrl-z
Suspend an rlogin or ssh session
host2>~[Ctrl-z] Stopped host1>
~~ Ctrl-z
Suspend a second level rlogin or ssh session
host3>~~[Ctrl-z] Stopped host2>

This table is adapted from Essential System
, by Aeleen Frisch, copyright 1995, O’Reilly & Associates, Inc.