ICS 241 Course Policies Fall 2019

Class Workflow

This class covers a large amount of material. It is essential that you don’t fall behind. There will be no time to “catch up later”.

  • We will be using several resources as a textbook this semester. We will cover recurrence relations, relations (not recurring), graphs, trees,  some linear algebra, boolean algebra, logic gates and circuits, modeling computation, a review of inductive proofs and program verification.
  • All classes except review days will have a lecture on new material.
  • After each lecture you should do the related assigned homework.
    • Do not put this off, you will be overwhelmed with work!
    • If you have questions, email them to me or ask at the beginning of the next class. Don’t wait because we must move so quickly!!
  • The class before each exam will be for review.
    • We will work problems together for possible extra credit points.
    • The homework for the current section will be due at midnight, the solutions to the homework will be posted at that time for you to study.

Grade Breakdown:

grading-charts_block_2Attendance: 10%

  • Each absence (except for 1) takes off 10 points, -100 points max.

Graded Homework Assignments: 30%

  • 6 at 50 points each.

Midterm Exams: 30%

  • Two at 150 points each.

Final Exam: 30%

  • 300 points.

Extra Credit

There will be up to 50 extra credit points available. These will be earned on Latexed homeworks and on bonus exam problems.

  • Plus, proof of completion of the CES course evaluation survey at the end of the semester will let you choose 1 final exam problem to use as extra credit.


  • There will be six homework assignments.
    • Each is worth 50 points or 5% of your grade.
    • These will be posted on Laulima.
    • There will be several exercises with provided solutions assigned for each topic.
      • These will not be turned in.
      • You will be expected to know for exams
    • There will be 1-2 problems per topic that will be turned in and graded.
      • Homeworks typeset in Latex and turned in via ShareLatex/Overleaf will be worth +5pt extra credit each. (We will go over this!)

You are encouraged to work together on problem sets and homework and to form study groups. However:

  • Each student must submit their own homework.
  • 60% of your grade is based on exams which you must take on your own
    with no book  or calculator. Copying other students’ work won’t help you pass the class.
  • No late homework will be accepted, unless you have a doctor’s note.


There will be three exams:

  • The first exam is on Recurrence Relations and Relations (not recurring)
  • The second exam is on Graphs, Trees, and Linear Algebra
  • The final exam is comprehensive, covering the entire semester, but weighted toward the material covered after Exam 2: Boolean algebra, modeling computation, and program verification.
  • All exams are closed book.
  • No computers, calculators, or other electronic devices (smartphones, etc.) may be used during exams.
  • One 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of notes will be allowed.
    • This must be handwritten!! No copy/paste from the book.
    • Sheet will be submitted with exam.
  • The class before each exam will be a review.
    • We will work problems in groups.
  • No makeup exams will be given. If you have a doctor’s note for a missed exam,
    your score percentage will be based on the total possible points for the rest of the class.

Attendance and Absences

  • Attendance is expected and will be taken every class meeting after week 1.
    • You are allowed to miss 1 class during the semester without penalty.
    • Any further unexcused absences will result in a 10 point deduction (up to 100 points maximum.)
  • Students are responsible for all missed work, regardless of the reason for absence. It is also the absentee’s responsibility to get all missing notes or materials.

Letter Grade Distribution:


  • More than 87.5% = A
  • 75.1% – 87.5% = B
  • 62.6% – 75% = C
  • 50.1% – 62.5% = D
  • 50% or less = F

You must get a C in this course to get an AS/NS degree

You must get a B in this course to transfer it to UH Manoa and move on to ICS 311.

Academic Honesty Policy Summary

  • Any student who cheats or plagiarizes on any exam will receive a 0 score and will be asked to withdraw from the class.
  • Group work on homeworks is acceptable, but each student must turn in their own.
    • If you turn in someone else’s work, it is cheating and you will receive a 0 score and be asked to withdraw.
  • Be honest with yourself and with others.
  • If you have concerns, please discuss them with your instructor. For more information, please refer to “Student Conduct Code,” Kapi‘olani Community College General Catalog.